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Fixed-Gear / 29er BMX
gravel / 29ers
Why Encore?
fixed gear bike wheels
5 narrow carbon spokes, all within the width of the tire, versus multiple spokes that flare out toward the hub and act like an eggbeater in the wind
gravel bike wheels
Race and train on the same wheels. Cycle with confidence in all situations- Clydesdales and Athenas, too!
road bike wheels
Flexy wheels soak up your power. Encore wheels are very stable and strong resulting in more power transmission.
road bike wheels
No truing, no wire spokes to maintain…
testimonial stars

This past season I had the opportunity to train and race on a set of Encore wheels. First impression is the wheels are quite sturdy and impressive looking. On the road the wheels seem to absorb a lot of road vibration. At higher speeds the wheels feel solid, especially in turns and ride super quiet. As I mentioned they are durable and built to last. A nice feature is the brake surface. They are built with a typical brake surface, there is no need to change brake pads. I trained and raced on these wheels. I set my bike PR at the IM Ohio 70.3 on them in 2016. I also raced them at IM Cozumel in 2016. If you are you are looking for a high performing wheel set with an effective price point, I encourage you to consider Encore wheels.

road bike wheels
John H